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Fresh premium whole chicken breast 40lbs case.
Price $52.95
Item 0443
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Price $1.32 per pound in a 40lbs case. These plump large size whole breats can be split for a perfect serving size.Great value for catering,restaurants and outdoor grilling family parties. 

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Price $1.29 per pound in a 72lbs case.(20 whole chickens) This fresh premium whole chicken avarege 3.5lbs each,which is a excellent size for roasting,frying or grilling,making a economical item for catering,restaurants and large family events.
  Price $93.88
Price $1.39 in a 36lbs case(10 whole chickens) This fresh premium whole chicken is 3.5lbs in size, making an excellent item for roasting,grilling and frying. Ideal for catering,restaurants and family events. events.
  Price $50.09
Price $0.44 per pound in a 40lbs (4 package of 10lbs each) This item is a large premium chicken leg quaters, even size making a good choice for catering, restaurants or large family gatherings.
$13.95   $ On Sale!
Price 1.95 in a 40lbs case (160 pieces per case) These premium wings are large in size,plump and juicy.Great for frying or grilling.
  Price $77.95
Price $2.59 in a 10lbs bag (60 pieces average per case) This item is individualy quick frozen, making these wings perfect for catering,restaurants or parties.
  Price $25.95
Price $1.14 per pound in a 40lbs case(400 aprox.) These premium chicken wing portions are very popular for catering,restaurants and large family parties.
  Price $45.95
Price $0.43 per pound in a 40lbs case. This premium drumsticks are great value for a catering,restaurants and outdoor grilling and family parties.
  Price $16.95
Price $ 1.99 per pound in a 10lbs bag. These boneless and skinless chicken breast are large,plump providing a great value for catering,restaurants,outdoor grilling and family meals.
  Price $19.95
Price $0.54 per pound in 40lbs case bulk. This economical chicken leg quaters are a great family value!Also excellent for catering and restaurants.
  Price $10.99
Price $2.79 per pound in a 10lbs box. These quality chicken nuggets are a great family value!Children love them for snacks,also adults for parties and finger food.
$27.90   $ On Sale!
Price $2.79 per pound in a 10.00lbs box. These is are a good quality chicken patties and a excellent family value!Great for sandwiches,add chesses and italian sauce for a tasty sub.
$27.90   $ On Sale!

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